You need to install this on a qubes machine. This is so that it can pull u2mfn from the qubes kernel you're running. This was performed on Qubes 4.0 using a fedora 28 Qube.

You need to run

   1 sudo dnf install @Development-tools quilt gcc-c++.x86_64 gcc.x86_64 gcc-plugin-devel libseccomp.x86_64 libseccomp-devel.x86_64 libseccomp-static.x86_64 xen-devel.x86_64 gtk2-devel inotify-tools

To get the build environment

cd ~

   1 git clone  git clone

To get the code.

To get this to compile, you need to remove "qubes-gui-agent.patch" from /home/user/qubes-vmm-xen-stubdom-linux/qemu/patches . TODO How to get this to compile with the gui agent patch?

Set up exports for the makefiles

   1 export CHROOT_DIR=/home/user/qubes-vmm-xen-stubdom-linuxw
   2 export ORIG_SRC=/home/user/qubes-vmm-xen-stubdom-linux

Run make to download qemu/etc.

   1 make 


   1 make SHELL='bash -x'
   2 make -n #tells you the commands but doesn't run them
   3 make -d

To debug if make fails.

Go into the dl directory (for some reason it doesn't copy from there across?)

   1 cd dl/
   2 cp *.tar.bz2 *.tar.xz ../

Remove "build/qemu/.gui-agent-copied-in" from "build/qemu/i386-softmmu/qemu-system-i386: build/qemu/.patched build/qemu/config.status build/qemu/.gui-agent-copied-in" in Makefile.stubdom

and make

   1 make -f Makefile.stubdom

Output should be in


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